BH34-2031LHC Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash (Yellow)

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1. The water storage tank of the eyewash is made of yellow polyethylene (odorless and non-toxic)
2. Maximum water storage capacity: 65 liters, 15 minutes
3. Because it relies on water’s own pressure (gravity) to produce water, no explosion-proof measures are required
4. Fixing method: wall-mounted, using 304 stainless steel back plate and fixing bolts
5. Face (eye) flow: ≥1.5 liters/minute, can be used continuously for more than 15 minutes, The storage eyewash has continuous use time requirements, and the user should ensure that the water is stored,Keep the bucket water level at 100%
6. Corrosion-resistant ABS nozzle. Open the black pull plate of the eyewash, and the eyewash will dispense water within 1 second, and the water flow can last for more than 15 minutes. Push up the pull plate after use, the water source will automatically shut off
7. Storage bucket type shower eyewash, no pipeline installation, suitable for petrochemical, chemical enterprises, beverages and other industries, in laboratories, outdoors or work places away from water sources
8. Equipped with waste water collection bucket: can protect the surrounding environment from pollution
9. Special reminder: The water source in the water storage bucket should use pure water or special eye wash, and the pure water in the water bucket should be replaced regularly to avoid storage water deterioration and breeding of bacteria

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