Applicable occasions and functional features of Bohua eye washer

Bohua eyewash has a wide range of efficient eyewash, providing the best protection. The height and Angle of the eyewash nozzle are designed according to the proportion of the face, and the water is in the form of aerosol and gently surrounded. In order to make you use it correctly, Bo Hua Xiaobian will introduce the application occasions and functional features of Bo Hua eye wash device for you!


1. Applicable occasions:

In some chemical plants or other environments, the good condition and daily management and maintenance of important facilities and equipment for safe production of enterprises; The good condition of special equipment and storage containers of dangerous goods with high risk and the status of inspection and inspection; For production and business sites with large risk factors, as well as key links and locations of major hazardous sources of investigation and filing, risk identification, monitoring and early warning system construction and implementation of measures. In dangerous places, a leakage place is equipped with toxic gas detector, eye wash device and other pre-checked security equipment.

Provision of emergency relief materials, preparation of emergency rescue plans and emergency drills; Whether the design of the emergency passage is reasonable and smooth; The investigation, prevention and management of the danger points around the enterprise or in the process of operation.

2. Functions and features:

Eyewash device features: with emergency eye wash function, but also the whole body rinse function.

Eyewash manufacturing standard: ANSI Z358-1 2004 (American Standard).


 Maibo eye wash device to provide one-to-one installation guidance, a large number of customized door-to-door service, material guarantee, a penalty of ten false! Bohua eyewash provides one-year warranty service, free replacement of accessories; Provide free maintenance service guidance, lifetime maintenance services. Regular telephone inspection to ensure the safety of use

Post time: Jan-23-2021