Knowledge of eye washer maintenance

Shanghai Bohua is a manufacturer of eyewash, specializing in R & D, customization, production and sales of eyewash, with rich categories and advanced equipment. Bohua eye wash device, efficient eye wash, provides the best protection and avoids secondary injury. The height and angle of the eye wash nozzle are designed according to the proportion of the face. The water is mist like and gently surrounded. The use effect is more remarkable! Eye wash maintenance can effectively improve its service life, so how to carry out eye wash maintenance? Let’s take a look at it!


1. A comprehensive test shall be conducted more than once a week to test the reliability and effectiveness of the device, ensure the effective use of the device in case of emergency, and provide reliable personal safety and health protection.

Warning: it is only allowed to be used in emergency when accidents happen. It is strictly forbidden to clean at ordinary times. Rules and regulations and inspections should be stipulated to prevent violation of regulations or frequent hand washing appliances from causing product failure and causing unexpected accidents.

2. Troubleshooting of eye washer

Common faults


Exclusion method

The output of eye wash is small

A. the water inlet filter screen of double nozzle for eye washing is blocked


B check whether the water inlet pressure reaches the standard pressure

A. screw off the double nozzle and clean the filter screen


B solve the problem of water source pressure

Too much water in eye wash basin

The drain hole in the eyewash basin is blocked or the drainage pipe is blocked

Remove the blockage

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Post time: Jan-23-2021