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1. Material: 304, 316 stainless steel or carbon steel is optional, the company can provide a spectrometer test report;

2. The eyewash and shower are respectively enclosed by two fences. Users who enter the fence to wash their eyes or shower can hold the fence by hand, which is relatively safe; the eyewash station is divided into eyewash and shower areas, and users can use different areas according to specific conditions ;

3. When the user stands in the eyewash fence area, step on the foot pedal, the eyewash will automatically discharge water, and the dust cover will be flushed, and the water column will cross and hug. Eye wash flow ≥ 11.4L/min, after use, restore the eye wash hand push plate

4. When the user is standing in the fence of the shower area, step on the foot pedal, the water inlet valve is automatically opened, and water is discharged from the shower outlet, and the shower flow rate is ≥76L/min;

5. The shower is 1520mm away from the user’s standing surface, and the diameter of the spray range is greater than 510mm;

6. Sign plate: There are three options: ordinary sign plate, luminous sign plate and electronic sign plate;

7. Sound and light alarm device and DCS signal upload device are optional

8. The explosion-proof grade and protection grade can be customized according to customer needs

9. The eyewash nozzle has a built-in filter to filter impurities in the water and make the water flow into a foamy water column, effectively preventing impurities in the water or causing secondary damage to the injured eye nerves and injured parts due to excessive water flow.

10. Assembly: The core part of the eyewash assembly adopts 304 casting parts, which has stronger compression resistance and better quality.

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