BH30-6012 buried double-pole eyewash(304)

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●The water inlet and drain device of the buried eye washer are installed below the frozen soil layer. Open the valve, tap water flows into the eye washer system from the underground water inlet, close the valve, and the system can automatically drain the water in the pipeline of the eye washer. It is suitable for the area where the winter temperature is lower than 0 degree and the depth of the frozen soil is greater than 500MM.
●Shower: Pull down the lever, and the shower water will be sprayed from the shower basin within 1 second, and the shower flow rate is 120-180L/min.
●Eye wash: Push open the handle, the aerosol eyewash is sprayed within 1 second, the height and angle of the water are designed according to the proportion of the human face, and the eyewash flow is 12-18L/min. The on-site water pressure needs to reach 0.25-0.4MPA.
●Eye wash strainer: high-density PP+304 double-layer strainer, which can filter impurities in the water, and the sprayed water is aerosol, enveloping and gentle.
●Ball valve: The two-piece ball valve can make the water flow of the eyewash device more in line with American standards.
●Eye wash assembly: It is composed of 304 casting parts. The 90-degree elbow adopts seamless pipe without welding seam, which will not cause the pipe wall to burst due to water pressure during use.
●Base: Die-casting parts, high-strength and pressure-resistant, the picture is yellow aluminum alloy.
●Water inlet and outlet: 1.2-inch internal thread connection, middle inlet and underwater drainage.
●Performance: It has good resistance to acid, alkali, salt, oil and other corrosive solutions.
●Function: Used in petroleum, chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, when chemical liquids, toxic and hazardous substances, and fires are splashed on the body, face, and eyes of the staff, it can be rinsed quickly to reduce the degree of harm.
●Standard: in line with the American ANSIZ358.1.2014 standard.

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