BH34-0665F Portable eyewash

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The mobile portable eyewash can keep track of the amount of water and air pressure in the tank at any time, and grasp the performance of the tank in time. It can be moved and used at any time without installation. Suitable for use in places where there is no water source.

1. High-precision pressure gauge: residual pressure display, monitoring at any time

2. Water level indicator: pay attention to the water level at any time, use it safely and securely

3. Sewage discharge system: it is convenient to clean the volume of water and dirt in the tank to ensure the clean water quality without causing second injury

4. Cart support system: triangular support, stable parking, easy to push and pull

5. Optional eyewash/shower:

Use a single-port hand-held eyewash, which can last for 15 minutes.

Using double nozzle eyewash, due to the limitation of tank volume, the use time cannot reach 15 minutes.

Use shower, shower flow> 75.7L/min> due to tank volume limitation, the use time can not reach 15 minutes.


1. The eyewash should be inspected once every five weeks;

2. Check content:

a. Whether the water flow is normal;

b. Whether the water in the water storage tank is sufficient;

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