Forklift mobile eyewash station

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•1. Advantages and disadvantages
•Advantages: technical parameters meet the new national standards; where to move to where the portable mobile type;
•Disadvantages: It meets national standards and uses it continuously for 15 minutes, and the cost is relatively high.
•2. Design pressure: 0.6pmg
•3. Use pressure 0.20–0.40pmg
•4. Material: 304 stainless steel
•5. Tank thickness: 4mm
•6. Tank volume: ≥1500L, tank diameter: 1308mm, tray size: 1308*1308*100.
•7. Safety valve: tank pressure>set value, automatic pressure relief to ensure safe use.
•8. Pressure limiting device, to ensure that the inflation pressure is within the specified range, the eyewash and shower are turned on, and it is used continuously for 15 minutes.
•9. The eyewash water is used to rinse the eyes from the middle to the second test, and there is porous water to rinse the face, and the eyewash flow rate is ≥11.4L/min,
•10. Shower flow ≥76L/min, shower diameter ≥510mm;
•11. Sewage discharge device: the lowest point of the tank is equipped with a sewage outlet.
•12. Liquid level display device: the tank has a liquid level display scale;
•13. Sound and light alarm: 24V sound and light alarm when the eyewash station is used.
•14. Explosion-proof grade: Exd II CT6 Gb, protection grade: IP65,
•15. Luminous display identification plate;
•16. The forklift can be moved to any place for use at any time.

•1. Electric heat tracing of the tank can be used for all-weather use.
•2. Electric heating is used for the tank body, which can keep warm, and the outlet temperature is constant at 25-35℃, which is suitable for human body temperature and meets the latest American standards;
•3. The tank body has its own automatic air pump, the air pressure is lower than the set value, and it is automatically inflated; the tank body water is used until there is no.
•3. The tank body is insulated, and an insulation layer and a metal protective layer are added to the tank body.

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