Cup Mask

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  • Vertical eye washer

    Vertical eye washer

    304 stainless steel outside, sprayed with bright yellow ABS coating, thickness of 300 microns, fine polishing of the inner wall of the pipeline, increase the corrosion resistance of the eyewash in high corrosive environment, play a role of strengthening corrosion resistance.

  • Electric heat tracing eye washer

    Electric heat tracing eye washer

    Electric heat wash device is suitable for the north 0 degrees below the use of the area. It is also suitable for use in areas where the temperature is higher than -45℃. The power of electric tracing belt is 6 M *48W/M. Automatic thermostatic control for the companion zone. There is a temperature controller to control the heating power of the heating belt to ensure the water temperature. Explosion-proof level: ExdIICT4, IP65 protection. The power supply junction box of electric tracing belt is arranged separately from the temperature control junction box. The thickness of the tropical insulation layer is 30MM, and the insulation material is flame retardant rubber. Voltage: AC220V/1PH/ 50Hz.

  • Superior eye wash device

    Superior eye wash device

    The superior type eye wash is based on the compound eye wash, which has the functions of antifreeze and anti-hot.

    Bohua eyewash assembly is a one-time mold casting molding, smooth surface, strong compression resistance, long service life. There is no burst phenomenon in winter or high water pressure. The bad quality always becomes the welding parts, the workmanship is rough, mostly for welding, which not only affects the appearance but also reduces the service life, and it is easy to cause the expansion pipe burst in cold areas or when the water pressure is large.

  • Full automatic eye washer

    Full automatic eye washer

    Automatic eye washer realizes automatic control through photoelectric, electromagnetic control and induction control system. In case of eye injury, there is no need to control the on-off valve of the eye washer by hand. Just enter the corresponding position, the eye washer can automatically water out. More humanized design, truly realize the injured person timely, effective eye and body cleaning, more convenient and fast. The wall installed on the work site does not take up space.

  • Comprehensive eye wash station

    Comprehensive eye wash station

    The warm water circulation eyewash station is suitable for the simultaneous use of multiple eyewash devices, ensuring the outlet water temperature between 15.7-37.8 degrees. The system uses a large storage tank, providing water supply of 71 gal/min, which can provide water for single or multiple eyewash devices, ensuring the water consumption time is more than 15 minutes.

  • Compound shower eyewash

    Compound shower eyewash

    The compound eyewash device can open the eyewash part and the shower part separately, or open the eyewash and shower at the same time. The eyewash part and the shower are on the same side.

  • Buried double rod eye washer

    Buried double rod eye washer

    The water inlet and emptied device of the buried eyewash is installed below the permafrost. Open the valve, and the tap water flows into the eyewash system from the underground water inlet. Close the valve, and the system can automatically emptied the water in the eyewash pipe. Applicable to the winter below 0 degrees of the area, the depth of the permafrost is greater than 500MM to use, really play the anti-freezing effect. Patented products, counterfeiting will be prosecuted; Patent number: ZL 2012 2 0337278.7

  • Eye wash room

    Eye wash room

    304 stainless steel plate is made by bending, the thickness is 1.2mm. Continuous use for 15 minutes without spillover.

    External size 1000*900*2400mm (length * width * height).

    It has good resistance to oil, acid, alkali and salt solution.

    It can be used with vertical and composite eyewash device.

    Upper intake,5/4 thread connection MNPT, outlet 150mm above ground,3/2 thread connection FNPT or flange connection.

  • Electric heating eye washer

    Electric heating eye washer

    Electric heating eye wash device is based on electric heat tracing eye wash device, suitable for use in areas with temperature below 0 degrees, can effectively improve the water temperature of eye wash about 15 degrees.

    The eyewash itself has the function of heat tracing, insulation and antifreeze, so that the water temperature of the eyewash system is kept at a constant temperature. Heating device: imported constant temperature electric tracing belt is adopted and equipped with automatic temperature control system to control the heating temperature. Insulation layer: environment-friendly rubber material. Cover: warning yellow ABS material, resistant to corrosion by various chemicals.

  • Mobile portable eye washer

    Mobile portable eye washer

    he water storage box of the eye wash device is made of orange polyethylene;

    Maximum water storage: 14 gallons (53 liters), 15 minutes;

    because the water depends on its own pressure, so there is no need for explosion-proof measures;